It is hard to imagine that only one year ago – June 7th – Peter Nappi officially launched. Even though 12 months is a relatively short amount of time, this past year seemed to have spanned a lifetime. Over the past year, we have made lifelong friends, grown both individually and collectively, met some dynamic people, and of course, shared in many fun experiences!

However, none of this could have happened without you!
The launching of Peter Nappi took a lot of passion, courage, commitment, and sacrifice. Not only did I risk everything, but also–from an artist’s standpoint of someone creating things to be received and critiqued by the public–I felt incredibly vulnerable.

Fortunately, we couldn’t be happier with the reception!
If it wasn’t for my lovely wife, Dana, Peter Nappi would not have started. When we were developing this brand, there were numerous times that I thought, “This will never work,” and then my wife would reassuringly say, “This is what we are supposed to do!” So, we continued and finally launched in June 2011. Then, over the succeeding 12 months, you–our community and friends–would say, “Thank you for being here… Keep it up… This is what you are supposed to be doing!” If it was not for you, Peter Nappi would not have had such an amazing year. We are eternally thankful for your support!

I always have and will continue to think back on the words from my favorite poets, “If you are loved by someone you are never rejected…decide what to be and go be it!” – The Avett Brothers

So, thank you my sweet wife, and thank you Nashville!