There’s an undeniably happy, trick-or-treaty feeling that happens in October. Sure, the daylight hours are shrinking, but they’re bringing us closer and closer to that pivotal moment where we can run full speed into the waiting arms of our dearly beloved fall wardrobe. Judging by friends’ posts scattered across the Internet like autumn leaves, Pivotal Moment 2013 has arrived. We love seeing these little postcards of the travels of our boots. And while they’re going out into the world having adventures, other pieces are coming home to roost, including vintage leather jackets from our last trip to Italy and a new crate of belts. Is there any better smell than a freshly opened crate of leather goods? No. Well, okay, maybe Liza’s famous pumpkin bread pudding (we’d share with you, but it disappeared faster than a vintage leather jacket). If you haven’t been by the Studio in a while, we’ve uploaded some helpful directions. You may  just want to camp out here for awhile, trying on boots and jackets, in case Liza brings more treats. We’ll put in a good word for you.

Ti voglio bene.

details_blogThirty five minutes in the security line because you’d rather travel in style than wear slip-ons? You’re our kinda guy, Ben Goldberg. If this was a cartoon, we’d have hearts coming out of our eyes.


Gearing up for last month’s tent sale, we were optimistic. But to say the response exceeded our expectations is putting it mildly. On the last day, we decided to leave everything up a little longer, just until the constant stream of calls and visitors dried up. But that river kept right on a-rollin’. So we kept it going a little longer, and a little longer.

The Everlasting Tent Sale finally ended when we had to pack up and clear out for another event. But we had a pretty good idea we’d be unpacking yet again as soon as it was over…along with two other shipments we had in storage. We tried to see it as a fantastic muscle building workout, but we swear everyone’s lower back would have declared mutiny if we didn’t decide to keep the warehouse open at least through the holidays. So take your hat off, Gothenburg trunk. Stretch your arms, armoires. Friends, we’re staying put for now. Stop by the Studio any time during business hours; we’ll be happy to take you down to the new/old space. And if you’d like to be pre-notified when we introduce new finds, just let us know. Ti voglio bene!


Wrapping up a month of food, friends and finds.

How did Nashville pack so much great stuff into one month? Maybe the same way we fit all our finds for the tent sale into the truck: you cram every single ounce of space like it’s a game of Tetris. And then you realize you left your wallet in there somewhere. Between the Music City Eats wine tasting here at the Studio, the Americana Music Festival at the Ryman, and the moonshine event down the block, we’ve been pretty spoiled. We got to talk vintage furniture with the good folks from the soon-to-open 404 Hotel + Kitchen and Josephine restaurant, two places we’ve been excited about for months. Leagues brought us vinyl for our new record player. Another friend brought us ice cream. An Icelander showed up in a thunderstorm to break our betting streak, a tiny person came in to try on our sunglasses, and Mickey, Bucky, Dave, Marco & Jim played one of the best sets we’ve heard yet. Now we’re gearing up for Italy…see you soon, new boots. Thanks for everything, September. We can’t believe you’re leaving us already. Fall 2013, the bar has been set.