newofficeThe new office buildout is still in progress, so it’s not officially done…but it’s done enough. To move in. To vacuum up the dust, fold up the drop cloths, to free our desk supplies from their long imprisonment in cardboard boxes, and stretch our legs after several months of working literally elbow-to-elbow in the main Studio. Most of the furniture hasn’t made its way through the doors yet, so at the moment, it’s a little like looking at a field of freshly fallen snow: you have to stand there and marvel at it for a minute. Take a deep breath. Savor the quiet. And then get in there and start the snowball fight.

Ti voglio bene.

Hide & Find


It’s no secret: everyone’s looking to get out of town in January…even the furniture. We’ll be taking our vintage finds and leather hides out to market soon, but before they skip town for good, we’re inviting all our friends to stop by this Friday 11-6 and Saturday 12-5 for a final 30% off sale on everything in the warehouse. From antique French club chairs, Swedish sofas, and Danish oil paintings to Belgian work tables and the occasional, semi-life-sized wooden giraffe, it’s your chance to take home a piece of somewhere else. Which is the next best thing to skipping town yourself.

Ti voglio bene.