Our love of timeless beauty spans far and deep.

When re-viving the 100+ year old legacy of Peter Nappi, we knew our space needed to be filled with items that had equal amount of soul & history.  So we set off to find pieces with character, pieces that had been as loved as our name sake.  The passion grew as we found treasures from across the globe.  Sharing these gems, we’ve offered them from sale in the Studio and built a following of clients who have the same respect for timeless beauty.  The more we found, the more clients bought and the more projects we got to do.  Today we find ourselves at an interesting crossroad.


“The shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Growth is a good thing.

Growth is great thing!  We realize today the only way we can continue to offer the finest footwear is to focus on footwear & accessories, and nothing else.  We all make the biggest impact when our energy is focused.  To be the best, you need to be 100% focused on your trade.

Passion is the fuel for life.

Passion is the most important ingredient for success and happiness.  Harnessing that passion is difficult but necessary.  The Studio will always be filled with beautiful, timeless pieces.  But from now on, the collection will be edited & limited.  We’re taking our excess inventory to Brimfiend, Sept 5-13.  Come by the Studio see what treasures we’ve found!  Or simply enjoy a flashback of projects we’ve loved…

(…photo cred Heidi Ross, Gregg Roth, Chad Davis…)

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We just finished unloading a new shipping container full of vintage European seating, tables, textiles, lighting, and decor, plus the occasional non-European-vintage find that we just couldn’t pass up. It’s all available starting Saturday, June 7th, at 10am when we open the doors (flap?) of the Tent Sale. The sale will continue during regular Studio hours through the weekend and following week…get ready for some heavy lounging. Available in-store only. 

Ti voglio bene.


From Dana Nappi:

Shopping for antiques in Paris sounds romantic…and it is, even if you’re doing it during a particularly cold, wet month and you don’t speak much French. The streets are a labyrinth of narrow, crowded aisles, buzzing with laughter and the sound of a thousand conversations happening inside a cloud of smoke from a thousand cigarettes. When you duck into a booth to look at a chair, you find a hidden door behind the chair leading to another room full of chairs, at the back of which is – you guessed it – a hidden door leading to another room of chairs. That’s how we found our lava pots.

Lava Pots

Lava Pots (set of 2, $4500)

The owner led us to the back of his space, up a spiral staircase, and into a cramped, barely finished attic with ceilings so low we had to stoop (and we’re not tall people). The two lightbulbs overhead gave off just enough light to see that we were surrounded by the most incredible collection of pots imaginable. Every shape, size, color, and function was represented. Towering over them all were these huge, dark urns of what looked like lava. They weighed a ton. I had no idea how he’d gotten them up there, how we’d get them out, or what it would take to ship them. But I knew they were coming home with us no matter what. 

Paris Street Lamps (set of two, $5000)

I fell in love with the Paris street lamps at first sight. Like the pots, they were massive. They were constructed of beautiful, weathered metalwork and what I assumed was glass but discovered was actually plexiglass. Disappointed, I asked the seller what had happened to the original panes, and he told me the street lamps in Paris had been converted when plexi became available because of a longstanding competition among Parisian schoolboys to see who could break the most lights by throwing rocks at them. Somehow, that’s what sold me. I could see those rebellious little boys running rampant through the City of Light, trying to make it dark.

Oil on Canvas, South of France

Oil on Canvas, South of France (76.5 inches x 59.5 inches, $9000)

When I first saw this painting (and yes: it, too, is giant), I immediately thought the women were stomping grapes. The way they were painted suggested movement, and they seemed to be looking at their feet. Since it was from the south of France, I associated it with the grape harvest. But someone who came into Peter Nappi last week saw it hanging behind our stage and commented on how “beautiful and appropriate” it was. I asked what he meant by “appropriate,” and he said “because the women are trying on shoes.” Maybe I was wrong about the grapes…

Ti voglio bene,
Dana Nappi


Snapshots from the latest Peter Nappi buying trip

The shipping container full of vintage finds from our latest buying trip has arrived! Join us for a Tent Sale on Friday, Sept. 20th and Saturday, Sept. 21st, from 11am to 6pm just down the street from our Studio. Stop by, say hello, and meet our newest old friends.

1964 Vintage Harley Pacer

1964 Vintage Harley Pacer

1964 Vintage Harley Pacer

Award winning (we have the trophy & plaques) 1964 Harley Davidson Pacer 175. 1 of 7 in existence according to HarleyHummerClub.org.

Offered at $7,995.00. Also available for shoots.

Vintage Finds - American Flag at Peter Nappi

Just in time for the 4th – check out this American Flag recently uncovered. Count the stars if you can – only 38. It dates back to the end of the Civil War and was in service from 1865-1867. Perhaps it was used in the funeral procession of one of this Nations’s greatest leaders, President Abraham Lincoln. Perhaps it was used in the grande parade as the end of the Civil War was celebrated along Pennsylvania Avenue. We’re not sure. But we do know its big. Really big. This proud Olde Glory measures 140″ x 94″. That’s 11 feet, 6 inches long by 7 feet, 8 inches wide. That’s Really Big. Most recently owned by a Mr. Monroe of New York City.

Offered at $1995.00. Inquires email studio@peternappi.com