This year, Sports Illustrated held its Swimsuit Issue Event in Nashville for the first time. Jessica Gomes, Samantha Hoopes and Hannah Ferguson visited us in the Studio to talk fashion and giant boots.

Ti voglio bene.

smallbatch_hollyThe good people of Small Batch Presents came by the Studio this month to film a profile of Peter Nappi and one of our favorite Nashville artists, Holly Williams. Molto bello! 

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Ti voglio bene.



In October, Brothers & Craft teamed up with GQ for the magazine’s How-To series spotlighting Nashville. Clay visited us at the Peter Nappi Studio to talk about where we’re from, where we’re going, and what “ti voglio bene” is all about.

Sloane, Emily, and Wendy at Peter Nappi

Our sweet friends Emily and Sloane stopped by the Studio for a visit with new kid in town Wendy Southard. Persol sunnies and a onesie are the perfect thing to wear to an important nap.

Kolbeinn Bjornsson meets an Icelandic flag and a pair of Stefano boots; we meet a high tech foot. Everybody wins.

Most people mistake the antique flag on our back wall for Sweden’s or Finland’s, and because of that we’ve won a lot of bets. But Icelander Kolbeinn Bjornsson made a beeline for the wall when he came in for a pair of boots last week, saying “I never see the pre-contemporary Icelandic flag anywhere!” Kolbeinn designs advanced prosthetic technology and made a detour on his way to a conference to come through Nashville and visit the studio, braving an epic thunderstorm in the process. What are the odds? Kolbeinn, we appreciate and salute you. Way to ruin our betting streak.