Our love of timeless beauty spans far and deep.

When re-viving the 100+ year old legacy of Peter Nappi, we knew our space needed to be filled with items that had equal amount of soul & history.  So we set off to find pieces with character, pieces that had been as loved as our name sake.  The passion grew as we found treasures from across the globe.  Sharing these gems, we’ve offered them from sale in the Studio and built a following of clients who have the same respect for timeless beauty.  The more we found, the more clients bought and the more projects we got to do.  Today we find ourselves at an interesting crossroad.


“The shoemaker makes a good shoe because he makes nothing else.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Growth is a good thing.

Growth is great thing!  We realize today the only way we can continue to offer the finest footwear is to focus on footwear & accessories, and nothing else.  We all make the biggest impact when our energy is focused.  To be the best, you need to be 100% focused on your trade.

Passion is the fuel for life.

Passion is the most important ingredient for success and happiness.  Harnessing that passion is difficult but necessary.  The Studio will always be filled with beautiful, timeless pieces.  But from now on, the collection will be edited & limited.  We’re taking our excess inventory to Brimfiend, Sept 5-13.  Come by the Studio see what treasures we’ve found!  Or simply enjoy a flashback of projects we’ve loved…

(…photo cred Heidi Ross, Gregg Roth, Chad Davis…)

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