Peter Nappi Premiere Leather Jacket Collection

Limited Edition Jacket Collection


Inspired by 1950’s Italian work and racing jackets…limited to just twelve pieces per style…that’s all we have to say about it.

JUST KIDDING. We’ve spent a year tinkering with our first-ever leather jacket collection, so we’d like to get speechy for a moment, if we may. What we love about creating any new design is building the perfect relationship between style and substance, lines and leather. Each jacket in the collection has been specially treated to simultaneously bring out the specific characteristics of the hide and create a lived-in feel.

Take the Noemi Collarless Bomber: pared down to a bomber’s sleekest components, its lines are minimalist, but they’re paired with the incredibly soft, luxurious texture of tumbled lambskin. Alina Asymmetrical Moto’s front zip leads to a collar with just the right balance of softness and structure, to be worn equally well up or down. The Mauro Classic Racer features an ultra lean silhouette, but gusseted shoulders make it a fully functional riding jacket, and subtle hand-burnishing makes each one unique. The Nico Utility Jacket, with its six-pocket maximum stowaway capacity, is ribbed with leather rather than fabric at the waist so it won’t pill or fray, and though the pockets are roomy, the fit is carefully tailored to avoid bulk.

Okay, Jackets, party of twelve, your table is ready.

Ti voglio bene.