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From the Family - Peter Nappi

From the Family - Peter Nappi

From the Family - Peter Nappi

10 years ago I had the best meal in my life. It was Valentine’s Day 2003 and I was celebrating with my new boyfriend, whom my friends and I all referred to as “Guy Smiley”. He was always smiling. He made the best cioppino I’d ever tasted. But it was more then the food – it was the process. He told me how he chose the best tomatoes, how to chop onions without tears, how to slice the garlic just so. I really didn’t care; I just loved watching him in the kitchen. His grande smile somehow seemed to get even bigger, his eyes twinkled with life and I felt so special just to be around him.

Well it’s been 10 years and each Valentines gets better. Different, but better. We’ve moved 7 times, had 5 different jobs, cared for 3 great dogs and had one perfectly perfect little girl. The only constant we’ve had is that smile.

And love.

Life is a process. And if you’re as lucky as I have been, it’s filled with love.

Ti Voglio Bene!


We have now called Neuhoff Meat Packing Plant in Germantown Peter Nappi’s home for five months. As of this week, we have expanded our hours to be open Monday through Saturday 11 am – 6 pm! So we figured it was able time to open up the doors to our family in addition to our studio. Come on in… we’ve been waiting to share our story with you!

As citizens of America, we are all in a sense immigrants. We all come from somewhere else – with different traditions, different bloodlines, different crafts and trades from around the world. Although, sometimes generations removed from our ancestors, we forget. For us, ancestry and family heritage is a crucial ingredient to our story. Only we needed a little luck, a little faith and a little serendipity to find it.