Gearing up for last month’s tent sale, we were optimistic. But to say the response exceeded our expectations is putting it mildly. On the last day, we decided to leave everything up a little longer, just until the constant stream of calls and visitors dried up. But that river kept right on a-rollin’. So we kept it going a little longer, and a little longer.

The Everlasting Tent Sale finally ended when we had to pack up and clear out for another event. But we had a pretty good idea we’d be unpacking yet again as soon as it was over…along with two other shipments we had in storage. We tried to see it as a fantastic muscle building workout, but we swear everyone’s lower back would have declared mutiny if we didn’t decide to keep the warehouse open at least through the holidays. So take your hat off, Gothenburg trunk. Stretch your arms, armoires. Friends, we’re staying put for now. Stop by the Studio any time during business hours; we’ll be happy to take you down to the new/old space. And if you’d like to be pre-notified when we introduce new finds, just let us know. Ti voglio bene!